November 2017


The NPNA Board wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


From the Board Susan Bennett, NPNA President, 350-3848


The NPNA Board did not meet this month. The next board meeting will be in January.

The hole in the fence near the sound wall walkway access to the Urban Forest Park at Carlisle and I-40 has been resolved. A new fence with upper barrier fencing has been put in place. Susan Bennett sent thank you notes to Diane Dolan in City Councilor Benton’s office and to Kenneth Murphy, District 3 Engineer of the New Mexico State Department of Transportation.

A year ago, Dr. Jeff Pappas and his class from the UNM School of Architecture began the process to create a Netherwood Park Historic District. However, the students were unable to complete this project. The NPNA will review this project a t its January board meeting. Other neighborhood associations have discovered that the creation of an historic district can take several years.

Tips to Avoid Holiday Package Theft from the APD Crime Prevention Office

With the holiday gift-giving season upon us, the concern about package theft is something on everyone’s mind. Here are a few tips for holiday package safety and theft avoidance:

··If possible, have packages delivered to your office or place of employment.

··Request packages be held at a shipping facility, such as UPS, FedEx, or the U.S. Post Office so you can pick up in person.

··If ordering from a large retailer, request that your package be delivered to a local branch store to be picked up in person.

··Sign up for delivery alerts. The U.S. Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx all offer text and e-mail delivery alert services.

··If you have a trusted neighbor who is home during the day, ask them to keep an eye out for deliveries and have them pick up packages and keep them until you get home.


2017 The Year in Review

2017 will probably best be remembered as the year that the food trucks came to Netherwood Park and so began the “Dinner in the Park with the Neighbors” program that ran from April to October. Young families and children were very much present at the Fourth of July Social and Bike Parade and the Balloon Blast in October. Our annual membership meeting in March featured presentations by several APD officers and also by then State Auditor (and now mayor) Tim Keller. The neighborhood garage sale brought sellers and bargain hunters together. UNM North Golf Course was the site of the annual neighborhood golf event. 333 neighbors have signed up for the social media website NextDoor Netherwood Park.


2017 Thank You List

NPNA wishes to thank the following for their help:

Richard Berry for his service as mayor for eight years

City Councilor Isaac Benton and to his assistant Diane Dolan for helping to solve several problems.

Laura Kuehn, APD Crime Prevention Specialist, for helping to keep our area safe.

Our membership for your participation in NPNA this past year. A special thanks to those who kept an eye out for suspicious activity and reported it.

All the food truck operators for making Wednesday nights in the park a special treat.

All the city park department employees who maintained both the Urban Forest Park and Netherwood Park.

All APD officers and AFD crews who responded to calls for assistance in our neighborhood.

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