Newsletter August 2018

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Netherwood Park Neighborhood Association Newsletter August 2018

Food Trucks every Wednesday from 5:00-dusk in Netherwood Park.Fun for the entire family! Food trucks will be parked on Princeton. Bring a chair and enjoy dinner and music.

From the Board Susan Bennett, NPNA President, 350-3848


The NPNA Board met on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at the home of Bill Gannon.

The Board had an extended discussion about neighborhood security, patrols, and crime reporting. NPNA Treasurer Sara Mills asked neighbors if they would make donations to pay for a private security company to patrol the area. Most of the respondents would like something done and would be willing to pay no more than $10-20 monthly. Peter Burton noted that the number of people who offered to make donations falls far short of a sustainable patrol monitoring effort-even just two days a week. Money spent so far barely allowed for one sweep of the entire NPNA area. Peter also mentioned that even if a private security patrol officer spots someone suspicious the person cannot be detained unless the person is committing a crime. Bill Gannon spoke about existing crime prevention resources such as knowing your neighbors, and active neighborhood crime watch program.

The NPNA Board requests that all neighbors respond to and report all suspicious activity when they see it. All crimes should be reported. Ways to report include:

· Call 242-COPS or 911 and report the situation.

· Go to the APD website and file a crime report

· Download the APD app onto your cell phone or tablet to file a crime report

· Go to the NPNA website and follow the Crime TAB

· Alert neighbors by posting a message on NextDoor website.

DO NOT confront criminals or take matters into your own hands. Know your neighbors and keep in touch with your block captains. Block captains will provide summaries of crime activity to the NPNA Board.

The question of how to report a crime in progress in the Urban Forest was raised. How does a neighbor report the location to the police? The Board agreed to ask APD for the best way to report a suspicious activity in the Urban Forest. NPNA President Susan Bennett asked APD Crime Prevention Program Administrator Laura Kuehn about how to report a crime or any suspicious activity in the Urban Forest. Ms. Kuehn replied that the most helpful description is the closest cross street and the direction from there; i.e. East of Norte Dame. ·The parks are not sectioned off, however, Officers can pull up an aerial map from their computers.

NPNA Treasurer Sara Mills and former board member Karl Schwerin recently met with three city employees at the Princeton and Cutler Drainage Basin to survey the dead vegetation and explore possible ways to clean up the area. No final decisions were made but everyone agreed that that the area needed trimming. Sara will follow up on this issue and report to the Board.

Susan Bennett and Chuck Maguire reported on summer Wednesday night program that the Board called Netherwood Park Bites. This program was a big hit with both neighbors and the food trick vendors. The kids enjoyed face painting, nerf guns and music. The KIMO food truck plans on returning next year. Thanks to all who attended.

Chuck Maguire reported that the second park bench has been ordered for Netherwood Park.

The Board continues to keep an eye on the house on Harold Place. Peter Burton reported to the Board that the owner is making good progress on his remodeling project.

The proposed Nilke restaurant was the subject of a liquor license hearing on November 15th.The request was for a Craft Distiller Liquor License with on premise consumption, package sales, and patio service.

An estimated fifty neighbors and friends attended the Balloon Blast the morning of October 13th. Bad weather prevented the balloons from launching so we ill just have to wait until next year.


The NPNA Golf Event at the UNM North Course was held on October 22nd. The Board thanks Mary Lipscomb for organizing the event attended by twelve golfers.

The Netherwood Park Book Club will next meet on January 24, 2019. Readers report on books that they have enjoyed. Call Mary Lipscomb at 255-4031 for more details.


The NPNA Board will not meet in December. The next board meeting will be on January 9,2019 at the home of Cheryl and Spencer Gerwin.

A Word of Thanks

The NPNA Board wishes to thank the following for all their efforts during 2018:

· Members of APD and AFD for their work in keeping our neighborhood safe

· For James and the staff of the KIMO food truck

· City workers, especially Parks and Recreation Department staff who maintained our parks.

· NPNA members for their support.

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