January 2018


Save the Date- NPNA Annual Membership Meeting will be held on March 18, 2018 from 3:00-5:30 pm at the Tennis Club


From the Board Susan Bennett, NPNA President, 350-3848


The NPNA Board met on January 10th at the home of NPNA board member Bill Gannon. The Board set the date of the annual membership meeting for March 18, 2018 at the Tennis Club of Albuquerque, 2901 Indian School Road NE. The meeting will include the election of board members. Please contact Susan Bennett at 350-3848 if you are interested in running for a seat on the Board. The Board is now in the process of planning the agenda and contacting possible speakers. One topic will be a report on the APD Patrol Pilot Project. More details will follow in next month’s issue of this newsletter.

The renovation project on the house on Harold Place NE is taking a very long time and the neighbors and the Board are quite concerned. The hopes that were raised when the house was sold to a new owner two years ago have been dashed. Board member Peter Burton will contact the City to see if anything can be done to speed up the project.

The new fence put up last fall at I-40 and Carlisle to prevent people from entering the Urban Forest Park there has proven to be ineffective. Susan Bennett will contact the New Mexico Department of Transportation to arrange a meeting to show them the issue and ask for a speedy resolution.

Another bench in Netherwood Park is a great idea. Board member Chuck Maguire will contact the City and ask about the requirements for installing a second bench.

Susan Bennett has researched the Complete Streets Ordinance. This ordinance was passed by the City several years ago. Susan discovered that it does not apply to the section of Indian School Road in the NPNA area and so it could not solve the speeding issues on this road. Susan is investigating other possible solutions including radar signs.

Several UNM graduate students began a project in the fall 2016 semester to create an historic district in our neighborhood. This project was never finished. Chuck Maguire and John Vittal will check with the UNM School of Architecture to see if the project can be re-started.


Ask the Board

How do I report a street light that is burned out?

The first step is to call PNM at 246-5700. Do not call 311 or the City. You will hear a menu. Choose “1” for Outrages. Choose “3” for Street lights. You will then be connected to a PNM staff member who will take your report.


NPNA Events

Annual Bike Trail Clean Up Project will take place on Saturday, February 3rd from 9:00-11:00am. Susan and Jeff Hagemann will meet volunteers at the Applebee’s parking lot on Menual and they will provide the bags. Volunteers should provide their own gloves. The project will start at Applebee’s and proceed to Indian School and Tucker.

NPNA Book Club will meet in late January. Please call Mary Lipscomb at 255-4031 for time and location.


Treasurer’s Report-John Vittal, NPNA Treasurer 266-0882

It’s now time to join NPNA or renew your membership. Please note that NPNA annual dues are $10 per household Send them with this form to John Vittal at 1737 Miracerros Pl. NE 87106 Please include your email address if you have one


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The NPNA Bank balance on January 10 was $2811.05 which includes 687.53 in the golf event fund and $163.00 in the APD Patrol Pilot Project Fund.

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