Newsletter April 2018

The Food Trucks are coming! The Food Trucks are coming!

From the Board Susan Bennett, NPNA President, 350-3848


The NPNA Board met on April 11th to elect officers. Here is a roster of NPNA officers and board members and their contact information:

Susan Bennett, President 505-350-3848

Tony Prosser, Vice-President and Webmaster 505-232-3856

Bill Gannon, Secretary, 505-249-7906,·

·Sara Mills, Treasurer,505-450-6712,

Peter Burton, member, 505-485-2471,

Chuck Maguire, 505-255-4008

Herb Denish, Member, 505- 250-0500

Tim Butler, Member, 505-577-5158,

Cheryl Gerwin Co-Member 505-266-5202

Spencer Gerwin, Co-Member 505-266-5202

The NPNA Board welcomed Angie Steward as an advisor to the Board for marketing and publicity. Her first assignment will be to help promote events in Netherwood Park such as the coming of the food trucks. The Board also accepted the offer of John Vittal to continue doing the newsletter and neighborhood history research.

Yes, the food trucks are coming maybe on April 25th but it could be as soon as April 18th. Angie Steward, Cheryl Gerwin, Sara Mills and Susan Bennett are devising a plan to promote the Wednesday night events in Netherwood Park throughout the summer.

City Councilor Isaac Benton, wrote in his weekly e-mail to his district that he has received the funds necessary to fund a traffic study of Indian School Road from Carlisle to Broadway. This process will include at least one public meeting. No timetable has yet been set for this project.

Nikle, the proposed new farm-to table restaurant on the site of the old Alpine Sausage store, will be the subject of an appeal hearing over the issue of parking on April 24 by the City Zoning Examiner.

Bill Gannon is looking for volunteers to compile a directory of neighbors on each block. Some of you have been compiling such lists for years while the practice has been abandoned on other blocks. Call Bill at 249-7906 for more details if you are interested.

The Board decided to use up the $213 left in the APD Pilot Patrol Program Fund and not request any additional funds from NPNA members.

NPNA membership is growing. 65 households, including 17 new households, have joined or renewed their memberships since the beginning of the year. Our goal is 100 households by the 4th of July Bike Parade.

John Vittal will be handing over the duties of NPNA treasurer to Sara Mills. He reported to the Board an overall bank balance of $3,200.66, of which $213 in in the APD Pilot Patrol Fund, $687.52 is in the Golf Event Fund, and 2,300.17in the General Operating fund.

Mary Lipscomb is looking for new members for the Book Club. Call her at 255-4031. Next meeting is on April 26th at Yanni’s Restaurant at 1:00pm


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