Newsletter June 2018

Miracerros Addition Indian Plaza Netherwood Park

Netherwood Park Neighborhood Association Newsletter July 2018

Food Trucks every Wednesday from 5:00-dusk in Netherwood Park.Fun for the entire family! Food trucks will be parked on Princeton. Bring a chair and enjoy dinner and music.

From the Board Susan Bennett, NPNA President, 350-3848

The annual 4th of July Bike Parade and Social has become a joyful tradition for our neighborhood. The smiles on the faces of young and old alike made it a morning to remember. The NPNA Board would like to thank those who made the event special:


· Lt. Navarette, and Firefighters Langlois, Nandina and Nguyen from the Albuquerque Fire & Rescue Department who led the Bike Parade in their fire truck and showed the truck to many children before and after the parade.

· Eddie Mireles for arranging for the visit by the firefighters with their fire truck

· Richard “Dr.” Rock and his Riverside Jass Trio for the great Dixieland tunes

· Carol Renfro for the supplies for the games

· Jesse Young for leading the games

· Jolianna Schultz, the superb “ Face Painterina,” for all the happy designs on the faces of the children.

· Tim Butler for the five dozen eggs that were used in the egg toss game

· Bill Gannon for the watermelons he cut up in bite-size portions

· Sara Mills and Carol Renfro for the donut holes that the children could not resist.

· Peter Burton and his team that delivered the newsletter to your door

· Chuck Maguire for the piñata full of candy


The NPNA Board did not have a formal meeting in July. The next meeting will be in the second week of August.


National Night Out


National Night Out is Tuesday, August 7th, 7 to 9 PM. The NPNA Board encourages each neighborhood watch block captain to organize their own events for their district

Each block captain in the NPNA area should have received a letter from Laura Kuehn, the director of the APD Crime Prevention Office. Here are the instructions to block captains from that letter:

“If you and your neighbors want to participate in this year’s NNO with a potluck, party or other social event, call 768-2006·or your police Area Command or register online at· When you call, please provide·1) Your Name;·2)·Address;·3) Phone number;·4) Exact location of the Event (if other than your address).·The deadline for notification is Tuesday, July 31st at 5 p.m.·

We will provide a list of participating blocks and neighborhoods to elected City officials, Area Commands, Crime Prevention personnel, and other City representatives so they can attend as many individual events as possible.

The Albuquerque Police Department will make every attempt to have an officer attend your event. However, due to the large number of expected events,·the possibility of a high volume of calls for service and unplanned emergencies, this may not be possible. If this should occur, we apologize in advance,·but will continue to support your efforts and appreciate the time and dedication you have shown to make your neighborhood a safe place to live.”


NPNA News Notes

The remodeling of the old Alpine Sausage building into the new Nikle Farm to Table Restaurant is now moving forward. NPNA president Susan Bennett spoke recently with the owners. The owners are now in the process of getting bids for the construction and renovation. They told Susan that they no longer need the five extra parking spaces that had been approved from the City Zoning Department previously, then denied at second appeal.


Chuck Maguire spoke with Diane Dolan, Policy Analyst for City Councilor Isaac Benton, about acquiring a second park bench for Netherwood Park. Councilor Benton approved NPNA’s request. The NPNA Golf Tournament funds of $687.52 will go towards the total expense of about $1,500 with funds from Councilor Benton’s office providing the rest.


Sara Mills, the NPNA treasurer, extends her thanks to all neighbors that paid their dues in the last month. If you were at the Bike Parade and want to join NPNA, send your yearly dues of $10 per household to Sara. Her address is 2629 Cutler NE, 87106.

It can also be found on NextDoor Netherwood Park. Those neighbors without e-mail accounts are welcome to request a paper copy sent to them in the mail by calling John at 266-0882 or writing him at 1737 Miracerros Pl.,87106.


The NPNA newsletter is published monthly and sent by e-mail to neighbors and posted on NextDoor. The June issue is delivered to your front door to encourage neighbors to join NPNA and come to the Bike Parade and Social. The issue closest to the NPNA Annual Meeting (usually February or March) is also delivered to your door Those neighbors without e-mail accounts can request paper copy by calling John Vittal at 266-0882

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