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Sunday March 28th from 3:00-5:00pm

NPNA Annual Membership Meeting via

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On Behalf of the Board: Bill Gannon, NPNA President, 249-7906


The NPNA Board met on January 13th via a Zoom on-line meeting format.

Year-in-year out, crime continues to be a major concern. Tony Prosser reviewed the crime report that showed 81 incidents in the 56 days since the last board meeting. Neighbors were also concerned about suspicious vans, open mail boxes, helicopter noise, mail theft, and abandoned vehicles. Two local apartment complexes have shown a significant rise in documented crime. A discussion was held on what board members can do when contacted by neighbors regarding crime. It is important to listen carefully, provide APD or other services’ contact information, and also provide summaries of complaints to our City contacts (Mayor Keller, Councilor Isaac Benton, BernCo Commissioner Adriann Barboa, APD SE Area commander Yarra, and neighborhood APD liaison Jose Brionez). Keep those comments coming and the Board appreciates the helpfulness of our neighbors.


Here are the current NPNA guidelines on reporting a crime:

Guidelines if You See Crime – Report It

The Board requests that neighbors respond and report what they see. Pathways to report include:

*Homeless Assistance Hotline 505-768-HELP (4357)

*Go to NPNA website and follow CRIME tab

*Go to APD website directly and file a crime report

*Go to APD APP to file crime report and other options such as crime mapping

*CALL 242-COPS or 911 and report your crime (this has been very effective).

IMPORTANT: Do not confront criminals or take action into your own hands. Know your neighbors and keep in touch with your block captains. Block captains can provide summaries to the Board.

The more crimes documented by APD, the more patrols the neighborhood receives. The NPNA Board wishes to thank all our neighbors for their acts of kindness towards other neighbors and for continuing to support local business in the vicinity; especially now.


Call for Volunteers: NPNA is looking for volunteers to serve on the NPNA Board for a term of three years. Please call Bill Gannon at 249-7906 for more details.


Project Updates:

 Interior demolition appears to be occurring at the old K-Mart site.

 Board member Cheryl Gerwin has begun planning for next summer’s Wednesday Nite Food Bites programs at Netherwood Park. This activity is dependent on whatever Covid-19 guidelines are in space when summertime arrives.

 Bike path construction which will direct cyclists under Indian School continues with anticipated completion sometime in spring 2021.

 Speed Monitoring Signs are currently up on Indian School between Carlisle and Girard.

 Susan Bennett and the Board have been working for several months on an updated version of the NPNA bylaws. The final draft needs to be approved by the NPNA membership after review and a vote at the March annual meeting.


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